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Creating a folder in a SharePoint list with Content Types

July 3, 2012


This potentially simple task is not as easy as I expected, and I ran into a rather special case which I could not find documented anywhere else, hence this post. Advertisements

I-AM: Integrated Asset Management

April 26, 2011


I-AM is a suite of integrated industry standard products and technologies brought together by Calvis to give you the best of both worlds: a best-of-breed, powerful and flexible asset management solution built with mainstream, easily implemented, supported and integrated technologies. With I-AM you get more functionality, faster, and at a lower cost than competitive solutions.

Can Real Estate ERP Vendors Keep Pace with Industry Demands?

April 25, 2011


You may well recognize this title – it appeared as a Realcomm Advisory on 21st April written by Tama Huang of NOI Strategies and you can read the original here: I have enormous respect for both Tama and NOI. However, there were some misunderstandings in this piece that are interesting, including the following assertions:

Case Study: SharePoint dashboard drives 280% increase in use of InterAction

January 21, 2011


Professional services firm Calvis achieves 100% growth in the use of InterAction CRM after deploying InterAction for Smartphone to all staff: this reaches 282% growth after InterAction Dashboards are deployed.  The use of InterAction, initially a domain of the marketing and business development staff only, was quickly adopted by all members of staff, including partners […]

Sandy Jacolow steps down as Calvis, Inc. president

January 4, 2011


Sandy Jacolow, who established and led Calvis’ US operations from its inception in 2009, will be stepping down as President on December 31st. Sandy’s time has been increasingly committed to two key clients who require a significant level of his time and focus for the foreseeable future. To ensure these clients get the very best […]

Resizing Windows Server 2008 R2 virtual hard disk in VMWare ESXi

November 22, 2010


Top tip for those long in the tooth with virtual machines and needing to resize virtual hard disks. This used to be difficult, and involve messing around shutting down servers and mounting the vmdk virtual hard disks as secondary drives on another server to perform the resize. Now it is as easy as it could […]