I-AM: Integrated Asset Management

Posted on April 26, 2011 by


I-AM is a suite of integrated industry standard products and technologies brought together by Calvis to give you the best of both worlds: a best-of-breed, powerful and flexible asset management solution built with mainstream, easily implemented, supported and integrated technologies.

With I-AM you get more functionality, faster, and at a lower cost than competitive solutions.

I-AM modular

I-AM allows you to choose how much or how little you need, and grows with you as your needs change and evolve. Whether you need only electronic document management, or a complete new financial system, I-AM is the answer. Then, in the future, if you need more, just add the modules as and when you need them.

Because each module is based on industry standard products and technologies, you have the peace of mind that your challenges have almost certainly already been addressed – whether you need to automate your accounts payable, handle tax or invoicing in over 30 countries, or give your senior managers easy to use business intelligence.

I-AM modules include the following:


I-AM industry standard

I-AM is built on some of the most widely used set of technologies in the world provided by the world’s largest software vendor: Microsoft. The core components of this integrated suite are:


By using these technologies, I-AM fits easily into your existing infrastructure and is compatible and pre-integrated with common desktop software, including Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook.

I-AM proven

The core components of I-AM are already deployed in countries across the world, including the US, UK, Australia, Nigeria and the Czech Republic.


I-AM cost effective

By using such industry standard technologies that address the majority of local requirements and real estate specific capabilities right out of the box, I-AM can be implemented much more quickly than similar solutions from either the Mainstream ERP or traditional Property Management stables. This also saves cost twice – there is less time required but also, because these are industry standard solutions, there are far more resources available to help and so the daily rates are cheaper.

From a licence cost perspective, a complete I-AM suite is comparable to traditional Property Management solutions and typically cheaper than Mainstream ERP. But the modular nature of I-AM means that you can also implement incrementally, and so choose and pay for just the parts you need.

I-AM integrated

Rather than trying to build everything from scratch, I-AM uses existing best-of-breed solutions and brings them together in an integrated suite.

This means there aren’t compromises: each component benefits from its own focused development team, bringing unparalleled levels of functionality and ease of use. And if you need something non-standard, the extensive interfaces to I-AM make it quick and easy for us, or you, to customize or enhance the solution to meet specific requirements – and at a much lower cost than with more proprietary systems.

Calvis, one of the largest system integrators focused on the real estate sector and Microsoft partner, has used its experience and expertise to bring together this suite and pre-integrate the components to allow you to achieve these benefits faster than ever before.