Sandy Jacolow steps down as Calvis, Inc. president

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Sandy Jacolow, who established and led Calvis’ US operations from its inception in 2009, will be stepping down as President on December 31st. Sandy’s time has been increasingly committed to two key clients who require a significant level of his time and focus for the foreseeable future. To ensure these clients get the very best service, Sandy is thus relinquishing his position at Calvis.

Sandy has been pivotal in establishing Calvis, Inc., the North American operating company within the Calvis group, and his commitment and dedication has seen a very successful first year. Calvis, Inc. has contributed nearly a third of the group revenue and has been able to make a positive contribution to the group P&L from the outset. This has been in no small part to Sandy’s unique combination of real estate industry and technology skills, and his vigorous approach to serving our clients.

Calvis will be building on this great start in North America and have plans to grow the US team over the next 12 months as we expand our CIO advisory and Microsoft SharePoint services in this region. Calvis will also be broadening the RealFuse product line which provides a flexible BI solution in SharePoint, and introducing a number of other real estate solutions for SharePoint, both in the North American and European markets.

For more information, please contact either Sandy Jacolow ( or Chris Lees (

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