SharePoint and Google Maps

Posted on June 10, 2010 by


Despite changes in our global economy the old real estate adage it’s about “location, location, location” still holds true.  Using SharePoint’s Content Editor Web Part which is standard out of the box functionality you can easily embed a Google Map onto any page within your site.  The Google Map is fully functional allowing for directions, various views (i.e. satellite, street, terrain) and is a nice addition to a property, office location or special event web page. In this example I’ll highlight the basics of placing a single map on a SharePoint page.

  • To start the process open Google Maps
  • In the Text Box enter the street address you plan on displaying


  • Click on the Link button above the map on the right
  • A small links window will appear
  • Click on the Customize and Preview Embedded Map link located at the bottom


  • A second Google Maps window will now open
  • This window will provide you with some options for customizing the map view
  • Select the appropriate or custom map size you wish to display on your web page
  • Copy the HTML map link code contained in Section 3 at the bottom of the page


  • Now it’s time to open up SharePoint
  • Select the page in your site where you will be placing the map
  • From the Site Actions drop down menu select Edit Page


  • Choose the zone where you want to add the map and click on the Add a Web Part link
  • A new Add a Web Parts dialogue box will open
  • Scroll down to the Miscellaneous section and select the Content Editor Web Part
  • Click Add


  • The Content Editor Web Part will now appear on the page
  • To add your map link to the Content Editor Web Part click on the Open the Tool Pane link


  • In the Tool Pane’s Content Editor section click on the Source Editor button
  • A Text Entry Dialog Window will open
  • Paste the HTML map link code information previously created from Google
  • Click Save

  • Remember to modify the Web Part title in the Appearance section of the Tool Pane
  • Click Apply and/or Save in the Tool Pane and save your web part
  • Publish the Page
  • The Google Map is now embedded on your web page and ready to provide visitors with helpful information